harvest III

Harvest day came on a perfect fall morning.  Neighbors, artists and friends came to help us get the crop out.  We asked our local man-with-a-scythe Martin Saunders to swing by and give everyone a tutorial on old-tymey scything, flailing and winnowing techniques and he came through in spades.  Everyone took turns cutting the crop, tying up stooks, thrashing the crap out of the barley and then throwing it in the air to get the chaff out.  Everyone learned something, and the Sghool got nearly a bushel of barley out of the deal!  That's less than $4.00 on the open market, and totally worth it.

Pictures 1, 6 & 7 by Hayley Redpath.

For more sweet photos of Harvest day check out Elliot Negelev's excellent pictures at

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