in 2005 the Sghool made a two-and-a-half storey tall cardboard mountain in the backyard.  Pictures, two videos, a drawing by John Bride, a few articles and an angry e-mail to the Frosst parents resulted.

photo: Ghostdad Video

photo: Ghostdad Video

photo: unknown neighbour                                   drawing: John Bride


----Original Message Follows----
From: name withheld  
To: name withheld
Subject: Carboard tower
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 13:00:16 -0700

Hi Elliot ,

Here are a few photos when the tower had some shape.  It has been almost a month with the "structure".  As I have said they are good neighbours generally.  They are not noise makers or wild party goers.  We (not just us but several families) as neighbours find it difficult, as over the past year or so there have many projects that would be perfectly acceptable on remote acreage but in an area such as this, where everyone takes pride in their homes and gardens, makes us uncomfortable & quite frankly embarrassed as your house & yards stands out frequently as being remarkably different.  Quite often when many guests, family & visitors come by we are trying to explain the various belongings, artifacts & events. What happens inside the house is does not concern us & is none of our business but when it comes out side it affects us & the looks of the entire neighbourhood.

Elliot, I do not believe in just complaining but in having constructive suggestions.  If your tenants/son want to have outside events/projects/art work we sure would appreciate some prior consultation as to what is /will happen, for how long & when we would see normalcy return to the outside of the house & yard areas  Should you want to build a high privacy fence & gate around the yard so they can have projects with less impact to the surrounding homes I would gladly help build it.
Your sons consideration to their neighbours would be greatly appreciated.

Name withheld.

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