Having a mostly unfenced garden gives the Arbour Lake Sghool the perfect venue to showcase outdoor ephemeral artworks.  A pizza box geodesic, a wonky flower garden, some weird domes and a haircut for grass are included.


Scott made this geodesic dome using a template from a webpage and a bunch of old pizza boxes from around the neighbourhood. It maintained its structural integrity for a few days, but rain and wind eventually destroyed it. It was based off of the structure of the buckyball molecule, which is also the same as a soccer ball. Science!



These are fake surveillance domes that one of us got from a garage sale. After raking the dead grass out of the lawn and piling it around them they took on the characteristics of skylights in some bizarre underground viewing chamber. Eventually ants made a big nest in the far one turning it into a miniature domed community…that was awesome!



This piece started in summer 2005. We let our lawn get outrageously long (outrageous!) before cutting it. Scott is in charge of lawn mowing. He prefers long grass so he leaves this 6’ x 8’ patch uncut each time he mows. This is an infringement of a number of Calgary by-laws etc. Alternatively, the grass has become a haven for rabbits, bugs and birds.

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