How to Create a Bodacious T-Shirt


Start with a t-shirt.  And a pencil.  And some markers.  Sharpies pretend that they’re indelible but they fade slowly in the wash, so try it with Magnums or Microns or something.

Put a Tupac poster under the shirt so you can get the image just right.  Pros do it all the time.

  Start drawing Makaveli on the shirt with your pencil.  This is just a sketch, so don’t worry if you don’t get it totally right.

Flesh out the tiny details and get a nice logo in there.  Remember: ears and stuff can be tricky, but if you practice and take your time you’ll do a perfect job.  Like this:


Now it’s time to ink it!  Shading gives a sense of gravity and shape to your image, and red highlights give the shirt real punch.  Your masterpiece is complete! 


You don’t have to put Tupac on your shirt, though you’d be a fool not to.  Another good idea would be to do a Lesane P. Crooks shirt.  Man, that would blow my mind.  Here are a few other shirts, just so you can see how uncool they are compared to the almighty ‘Pac:

That’s it!  Until next time, keep fit and have fun!

© 2007 The Arbour Lake Sghool