Start with a small vibrating motor, some electrical wire, an action figure, a miniature fan, epoxy, a drill and soldering equipment.

This is a vibrating motor.  These also appear as small vibrating disks; either type will do fine so long as it’s small enough.  Solder a reasonable length of wire to each contact of the motor.


Gently peel/cut the hair off of your action figure.  Good job!  Now core out part of his head with the drill.  Using the epoxy, affix the vibrating motor to the inside of the figure’s head.  Ensure that there’s enough room for the hair to go back on and that the epoxy isn’t gumming up the action of the motor.


Stick the hair on your finger and pretend that this angry little man is your new best friend until your girlfriend dumps you and moves out of town.  Now get back to work.


This is a miniature fan.  It’s a great power source for pretty much any project.  Start by taking the whole thing apart, pulling the tiny motor out of it and disassembling said motor.  Remove the electromagnet core.


Now solder the other ends of the vibrating motor’s wires to the contacts inside the motor.  Make sure to pass them through the hole in the fan’s motor’s outer casing first.  Put the fan back together and voila!  An instant power source with really cool graphics is at your disposal.

  Glue dude’s hair back on and stand in awe of your new vibrating action figure!  If you stand him up just right he’ll shimmy&shake around for hours!
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