With the help of cutting-edge technology we have been able to create some of the most cutting-edge music the neighborhood has to offer. Contained on the various tapes and audio files are the sounds of pure blow-your-balls-off genius along with hours of, well, jamming. We've been avoiding the task of sifting through the mess of four-track recordings and sound files, but the time has come. Here are the beginnings of the waste. This is the primordial goopy-goop whence top-hits like Honkytonk-Donkeykong emerged from. We assure you that some of these 'sketches' will evolve into even more butt-crumpin' hits!

It's hard to remember who actually made these things.  Wayne Garrett, Aaron Sereda, Justin Patterson, John Frosst, Andrew Frosst, Scott Rogers and Greg Sargent all probably helped in some way.  Probably some others too.



More juicy treats from the tarmac-addled mind of Aaron Sereda. 

Other names for Aaron Sereda:  Tarot Cardreada, Foreign Lolita, Eatin' Bruschetta, Daring Chiquita, Hair on my Pita, Hoarin' to Please ya, Blarin' Morcheeba, Fearin' the Reapah, Onion Pierogy, Lemonade



An informal jam session in our living room yielded a lot of strange noise and this song.  Greg Sargent (one of Justin & Aaron's over 90 cousins) picked up the guitar and layed this down when no one was looking. 



When Aaron's not trucking his face off he's in the basement making noise (read: music) to accompany his poetry, some of which he writes while he trucks.  Listen to it come full circle with this little ditty called "chickens."

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