Wayne likes dogshirts (shirts with dogs on them, duh).  He also likes greasy jazz and terrible non-puns.  Enjoy.


Justin and Wayne recorded this a while back.  Wayne had just made a sparkle chime out of aluminum off-cuts and Justin was feeling. . . contemplative?


Once again Wayne lends his tremendously skilled guitar-hands to a good ol’ country song. John started singing this one a long time ago and we finally got it on wax. Enjoy!


Remember those hot summer nights on the dance floor? Remember those hot pants soaked in bodily fluids and petroleum jelly? If you don’t then try living those memories again for the first time with this song. Wayne put everything he had into it… so it’s 150% ROCK! The epitome of disco funk grease. Shake ya ass!

honky tonk donkey kong

Every year the city of Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede; every year businesses across the town host Stampede breakfast parties in their parking lots.  This song was written for and played in front of 1,000 people at a Stampede Breakfast.  This song was based entirely on the scat-styles of Justin Patterson.



In the Apocolyptic (sic) world of 1997, one man stands against Evil.  This is his song.  Inspired by a comic panel by Ben Jaques.

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